Dear Fellow Missourians:

You deserve information about and access to affordable prescription medications. Finding the best price can be challenging and time-consuming. MoRx Price Compare was created by the Missouri Lieutenant Governor and the Department of Social Services' Division of Medical Services to provide information on issues related to prescription medicine, safety and cost-saving tips and programs to help Missourians pay for prescription medications.

MoRx Price Compare lists prescription medication prices for the most commonly used prescription drugs in Missouri based on the usual and customary price reported by local pharmacies. This is the retail price an uninsured, cash-paying customer would normally pay without any discounts. Prescription drug prices may vary from day to day. The price you find at your pharmacy may not be the same price that appears on this list. The prices quoted on the list are only meant to help you compare prices at different pharmacies and are not guaranteed. When determining your pharmacy choice you should consider the value of using a single pharmacy for all your needs as well as the additional services that may be offered in addition to the medication.

The Web site is a tool to help you obtain the best local price for your prescriptions and to direct you to other helpful links that will assist you in choosing a pharmacy that will provide you the individual services you need. We hope you find this information helpful.


Lieutenant Governor